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Dear Customer!

Welcome to the customs agency Rei Log! Our central office is in Cologne, Germany. We have been operating on the international logistics market since 1999.

We offer our services in the following areas of logistics:

  • Handling of all types of import, export and customs documentation in Germany.
  • The shipping, storage and processing of the cargoes in Cologne, Germany.

Many years of experience in the field of logistics, low prices, fast information exchange, maximum reliability. Rei Log.

We are always looking for partner companies to work together on a long-term basis!

Certificate No.: DE AEOC 101245
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Our office has moved since June 2021!

Customs agency Rei Log
Toyota-Allee 39
DE-50858 Köln (Marsdorf)

Tel. +49 2234 2000 197
Fax +49 2234 2000 198
Mobile +49 151 1160 9482

E-mail: zollagentur@reilog.de
WWW: www.reilog.de
WWW: www.autoexport-zoll.de

Skype: Aneta (DE/PL/RU)
Skype: Katarina (DE/PL/RU)

Office hours
Mon–Thu: 08.30–16.00
Fri: 08.00–14.00