The customs services

The Rei Log company offers you the full spectrum of fast and professional processing of customs documents.

  • export declaration (MRN / ABD / export document)
  • import customs clearance (import declaration)
  • application for the customs number (EORI number)
  • EUR.1
  • A.TR, certificate of origin
  • shipping slips T1, T2, T2L
  • CMR
  • registration: AV (Aktive Veredelung) – inward processing or PV (Passive Veredelung) – outward processing
  • transfer / clearance to customs warehouse

We help to solve the non-standard problems!

Consolidation and storage of cargoes

City of Cologne has a unique geographic location – the central city of Western Europe! France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland within a radius of 100–300 km.

  • consolidation of any loads from any suppliers
  • coordination, tracking and information
  • storage in the mode of temporary storage (T-1)
  • storage in the customs warehouse mode
  • unloading and loading in strict accordance with the instructions of the customer
  • loading on pallets, foil packaging, repackaging, marking, checking of incoming packaging
  • transfer of the full warehouse documentation
  • including transit, export and import customs clearance, EX, CMR and other documents

Our warehouse in Cologne – the ideal place for consolidating your European loads.

Transport services

We have a functioning network of transport companies. Our warehouse in Cologne – the ideal place for the consolidation of your European cargo.

  • delivery of cargoes from the countries of Europe, Southeast Asia and America to the warehouse by any type of transport
  • delivery of the formatted cargo to the end user
  • “door-to-door” delivery

We calculate the transport schemes.

Large-size cargo transport by rail on the transit route across Poland is one of our activities, in cooperation with our Polish partners.

Certificate No.: DE AEOC 101245
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Our office has moved since June 2021!

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